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Updated on 03JAN12

List of sources for information on this website:
OAG (Including Flight Guide)
Sabre GDS
Amadeus GDS
KVS Availability Tool
Airline Press Releases
Airline PDF Timetable Listing

Map Template by Great Circle Mapper

  1. Peter Bush
    Nov 9 2009

    This blog was forwarded to me by a friend. How do I subscribe? Thanks, Peter

  2. jimyvr
    Nov 9 2009

    Please see the instructions on the right. thank you

  3. John Dubpernell
    Mar 2 2010

    Please remove from email thanks

  4. jimyvr
    Mar 3 2010

    You will need to unsubscribe it on your own as I can’t tell through wordpress. Feedburner/Daily Email list does not have your email address.

  5. JIm- where do you get your SABRE GDS access? I am not a travel agent but travel extensively and SABRE GDS access could/would be very valuable to me.

  6. JL
    Sep 14 2011

    You can actually visit and download the software as alternative. The software mirrors Amadeus, Sabre and Galileo GDS at much lower cost per year.

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