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How To Read

A Sample of Schedule is the following

Nonstop Flight

AA123 JFK1200 1500LAX 767 D

Direct One/Multi-Stop Flight

AA123 JFK1200 1500LAX1900 2000HNL 767 x3
3 4

1 Airline Code & Flight Number
2 Departure Airport/Time
3 Arrival Airport/Time
4 Aircraft Code
5 Days of Operation (D: Daily, 1: Day 1, Day 2: Day 2…..7: Day 7)
6 Stopover Airport arrival and departure time
7 Days of Operation (X: Except, meaning flight does not operate on this day)

If arrival or departure time (on 2nd or 3rd point) includes -1 or +1…etc, and is based on first point of departure
-1 1 Day Earlier
+1 1 Day Later
+2 2 Days Later

All Times Shown Are LOCAL TIME

Italic dates after a flight time represents effective date

  1. Tate
    Jun 29 2011

    Hong Kong – New York JFK
    05SEP11 – 29OCT11 Day x247

    does that mean daily EXCEPT Tues, Thurs and Sun? I am really keen to get the new product in October so will book accordingly and just want to be sure I read it right! Thanks

  2. jimyvr
    Jun 29 2011

    x means EXCEPT. Airline’s website will indicate the flight you wish to book features new product or not. However, last minute changes remains possible.

  3. Scott
    Jul 1 2011

    what day is day 1? what day is day 2? etc.? Thanks!

  4. jimyvr
    Jul 2 2011

    Day 1 – Monday
    Day 7 – Sunday…etc

  5. Rob M
    Sep 23 2011

    What does the abbreviation COI mean? You used it referencing an Air France Bangkok, HCMC and Phnom Penh item on Sept 20/11.

  6. RwandAn Flyer
    Oct 5 2011

    Rob M COI means Caraibes Ocean Indien in French, in English it’s Indian Ocean and Caraibes. It’s a special configuration that you find on Air France B777W. They fly to the French Overseas Departments :

  7. Oct 7 2011

    Could you add in what the date ranges of the different schedules are? For example, what W11 means? Btw, LOVE this site, awesome for seeing inventory loaded that may open up new options for award bookings. Keep it up!

  8. JL
    Oct 9 2011

    The Date/season range is mentioned at the footer of individual page.

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