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July 25, 2012

Nok Air New Service Expansions from Sep 2012

by JL

Update at 0600GMT 25JUL12

Nok Air has announced latest service expansion, which takes place mainly in September 2012. Planned domestic route expansion as follows:

Bangkok Don Mueang – Mae Sot eff 01SEP12 Increases from 11 weekly to 14 weekly. 1 of 2 daily service operates with ATR72 replaces Saab 340
DD8116 DMK1015 – 1130MAQ AT7 D
DD8118 DMK1515 – 1630MAQ SF3 D

DD8117 MAQ1200 – 1315DMK AT7 D
DD8119 MAQ1600 – 1715DMK SF3 D

Bangkok Don Mueang – Phisanulok eff 01SEP12 Increases from 3 to 5 daily. Service will change to ATR72 turboprop operation, replacing existing Boeing 737-800 and Saab 340 (NOK Mini Aircraft) mix
DD8400 DMK0620 – 0730PHS AT7 D
DD8404 DMK0940 – 1050PHS AT7 D
DD8408 DMK1400 – 1510PHS AT7 D
DD8414 DMK1500 – 1610PHS AT7 D
DD8420 DMK1820 – 1930PHS AT7 D

DD8401 PHS0800 – 0910DMK AT7 D
DD8405 PHS1120 – 1230DMK AT7 D
DD8409 PHS1540 – 1650DMK AT7 D
DD8415 PHS1640 – 1750DMK AT7 D
DD8421 PHS2000 – 2110DMK AT7 D

Bangkok Don Mueang – Roi Et eff 01SEP12 Increases from 11 weekly to 14 weekly. Morning service to be operated by ATR72 instead of Saab 340 by NOK Mini
DD9114 DMK0610 – 0725ROI AT7 D
DD9128 DMK1750 – 1905ROI SF3 D

DD9115 ROI0755 – 0910DMK AT7 D
DD9129 ROI1925 – 2040DMK SF3 D

Bangkok Don Mueang – Sakon Nakhon eff 01SEP12 Increases from 2 to 3 daily. Service to be operated by ATR72 only, replacing current 737-400/ATR72 mix
DD9402 DMK0615 – 0745SNO AT7 D
DD9406 DMK1330 – 1500SNO AT7 D
DD9410 DMK1640 – 1810SNO AT7 D

DD9403 SNO0815 – 0945DMK AT7 D
DD9407 SNO1530 – 1700DMK AT7 D
DD9411 SNO1840 – 2010DMK AT7 D

Bangkok Don Mueang – Ubon Ratchathani eff 01AUG12 Increases from 3 to 4 daily
DD9310 DMK0605 – 0710UBP 738 D
DD9314 DMK1110 – 1215UBP 73J D
DD9316 DMK1515 – 1620UBP 734 D
DD9318 DMK1820 – 1925UBP 734 D

DD9311 UBP0740 – 0840DMK 738 D
DD9315 UBP1245 – 1345DMK 73J D
DD9317 UBP1650 – 1750DMK 734 D
DD9319 UBP1955 – 2055DMK 734 D

DD9310/9311 operates with 73J from 31JUL12 to 31AUG12. 73J appears to be internal code for 737-800 used by the airline

Chiang Mai – Mae Hong Son eff 01SEP12 Increases from 2 to 3 daily
DD8202 CNX1105 – 1140HGN SF3 D
DD8206 CNX1315 – 1350HGN SF3 D
DD8208 CNX1505 – 1540HGN SF3 D

DD8203 HGN1215 – 1250CNX SF3 D
DD8207 HGN1410 – 1445CNX SF3 D
DD8209 HGN1610 – 1645CNX SF3 D

Chiang Mai – Udon Thani eff 01SEP12 Increases from 2 to 3 daily
DD8610 CNX0725 – 0845UTH SF3 D
DD955 CNX1120 – 1240UTH SF3 D
DD8624 CNX1750 – 1910UTH SF3 D

DD8611 UTH0915 -1035CNX SF3 D
DD956 UTH1300 – 1420CNX SF3 D
DD8625 UTH1940 – 2055CNX SF3 D

Separate, service operated by Boeing 737-400 will be gradually replaced by -800 aircraft.

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