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July 24, 2012

Airline Route Posting Notice for Thursday 26JUL12

by JL

Airline Route on Thursday 26JUL12 will be transferring to a new web hosting server, as part of on-going brand integration process of Airline Route into UBM Aviation, followed by the acquisition announced in late-May 2012.

Planned web server transfer time and what readers will notice as follows (all times listed below are in GMT):

*Last update before web server transfer is around 1100hrs 25JUL12
*No New updates on the website between 1100hrs 25JUL12 and 1700hrs 26JUL12
*During server transfer, the website will continue to operate normally, however some users may experience slower web page loading time
*Major updates between 1100hrs 25JUL12 and 1700hrs 26JUL12, will appear on twitter (English) and weibo (Chinese) in brief, under @airlineroute as well as sister stream @routesonline and @TheHUBRoutes (twitter only)
*Due to Zero updates on the website, daily email (via google feedburner subscription), will not be delivered on 26JUL12

Once server transfer complets, readers will notice change of font, and for the first time, advertising banner. The advertising banner will be similar to Routesonline, which only displays featured airports. Airlines that uses RouteExchange platform for RFP Campaign on future destinations will also be featured on the advertising banner. Despite airports being the advertising sponsor, the site remains independent in terms of fact reporting on schedule/route changes.

During the course of next few weeks, several changes at Airline Route to be implemented, which includes the following that are currently under study:
*Format change to daily email, which will includes UBM Aviation/Routes Branding
*Website layout changes. Changes to the overall layout to be minor
*Addition of Chinese contents

Airline Route預定2012年7月26日進行伺服器移轉作業. 為配合移轉作業, 2012年7月25日上午11點到7月26日下午5點(GMT 格林威治時間), 網站正常運作, 但無最新航班消息發布, 唯獨部分網友會遇到頁面載入速度較慢之狀況. 此外, 移轉作業期間, Airline Route繼續透過 twitter 和 新浪微博 的用戶名 @airlineroute 以節錄方式發布消息. 在twitter上, 相關消息也會透過 @routesonline 和 @TheHUBRoutes 發布.

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