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July 23, 2012

British Airways W12 Trans-Atlantic Routine Reductions Update as of 23JUL12

by JL

Update at 0500GMT 23JUL12

As of 23JUL12, updated list of British Airways’ routine reductions during Winter 2012/13 period on Trans-Atlantic flights as follows. Routes or flights marked with * represents newly added cancellations since last report on Airline Route on 18JUL12.

Note these are routine reductions although some flights are seeing expanded reductions. Pending on operational issues and booking demand, the airline may reinstate some of these cancelled flights.

London Heathrow – Atlanta
24DEC12 – 31DEC12 Day 1 (Mondays cancelled during this period)

London Heathrow – Baltimore
22NOV12, 25DEC12

London Heathrow – Boston
BA239 25DEC12
BA238 26DEC12

BA215/214 19NOV12 – 23NOV12 Day 145

London Heathrow – Calgary
13NOV12 – 04DEC12 Day 26

London Heathrow – Dallas/Ft. Worth
BA192/193 24DEC12

London Heathrow – Denver
19NOV12 – 23NOV12 Day 15
27NOV12 – 04DEC12 Day 2

London Heathrow – Houston
*27DEC12 – 05JAN13 Day x17 (Mondays and Sundays operating during this period)

London Heathrow – Las Vegas
20NOV12 – 04DEC12 Day 25
12DEC12 – 24DEC12 Day 13
25DEC12 – 31DEC12 Day 12

London Heathrow – Los Angeles
*25DEC12 – 31DEC12 Day x347 (Wednesdays, Thursdays, Sundays operating during this period)

*24DEC12 – 25DEC12

London Heathrow – Miami
*19NOV12 – 25NOV12 Day 134
*24DEC12 – 25DEC12

London Heathrow – Newark
15JAN13 – 29JAN13 Day 2

*28DEC12 – 09JAN13 Day 35
29DEC12 – 05JAN13 Day 6
*23JAN13 – 26JAN13
*27JAN13 – 11FEB13 Day 345
*12FEB13 – 19FEB13 Day x167 (Mondays, Saturdays, Sundays operating during this period)
*22FEB13 – 06MAR13 Day 35
*13MAR13 – 27MAR13 Day 36

*27DEC12 – 04JAN13 Day x167 (Mondays, Saturdays, Sundays operating during this period)

London Heathrow – New York JFK
03FEB13 – 16FEB13 Daily (Previously only BA113 displaying daily service cancelled during this period)

*17FEB13 – 02MAR13 Daily

30DEC12 – 20JAN13 Daily
03MAR13 – 29MAR13 Daily

20JAN12 – 02FEB13 Daily

London Heathrow – Philadelphia
23JAN13 – 02FEB13 Day 36
05FEB13 – 11FEB13 Day 123
13FEB13 – 20FEB13 Day x45 (Thursdays/Fridays operating)
21FEB13 – 22FEB13

London Heathrow – Phoenix
18NOV12 – 23NOV12 Day 157
10DEC12 – 17DEC12 Day 1
24DEC12 – 31DEC12 Day 17
15JAN13 – 05FEB13 Day 2

London Heathrow – San Diego
21NOV12 – 28NOV12 Day 3
24DEC12 – 31DEC12 Day 1
15JAN13 – 22JAN13 Day 2

London Heathrow – San Francisco
19NOV12 – 21NOV12

25DEC12 – 31DEC12 Daily
12FEB13 – 20FEB13 Day 23

London Heathrow – Seattle
10NOV12 – 23NOV12 Day 145
24DEC12 – 25DEC12

London Heathrow – Washington Dulles

*19DEC12 – 21DEC12 Day 35
19JAN13 – 26JAN13
*11MAR13 – 26MAR13 Day 12

*19NOV12 – 23NOV12 Day x467 (Thursdays, Saturdays, Sundays operating during this period)
*05DEC12 – 09DEC12 Day 37
*14MAR13 – 28MAR13 Day 4

London Gatwick – Tampa
05FEB13 – 12FEB13 Day 2
05MAR13 – 11MAR13 Day 12

Other notable reductions outside Christmas/New Year period, includes:
London Heathrow – Amman
29OCT12 – 27NOV12 Day 1 from LHR, Day 2 from AMM Cancelled
05DEC12 – 27DEC12 Day 3 from LHR, Day 4 from AMM Cancelled

London Heathrow – Singapore BA011/012 (Chinese New Year Cancellations)
09FEB13 – 16FEB13 LHR departure Cancelled
10FEB13 – 17FEB13 SIN departure Cancelled

Addendum to previous report on 18JUL12:
London Heathrow – Toronto
BA093/092 4-class Boeing 777-200ER continues operation, replacing planned 747-400
BA099/098 4-class Boeing 777-200ER operates from 28OCT12 to 28JAN13, replacing 767-300ER. On 18JUL12, BA was displaying BA098 from YYZ with 767 during this period, which has since been adjusted

Similar cuts is also in effect for European short-haul flights, as well as some long-haul flights on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Note additional changes in the next few weeks remain possible.

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