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June 12, 2012

Blue1 Expands Kittila Operation from Dec 2012

by JL

Update at 1550GMT 12JUN12

Blue1 in Winter season is expanding weekend operations at Kittila, with the launch of 2 new routes and resumption of 1 route from 15DEC12. The airline will offer Saturday-only service to Tampere, Turku and Vaasa, with Golden Air Saab 2000 aircraft.

Schedules and routes:

Kittla – Tampere 15DEC12 – 29MAR13 NEW 1 weekly service
KF458 KTT1005 – 1135TMP S20 6
KF457 TMP0800 – 0930KTT S20 6

Kittila – Turku 15DEC12 – 29MAR13 NEW 1 weekly service
KF466 KTT1050 – 1230TKU S20 6
KF465 TKU0830 – 1010TKU S20 6

Kittila – Vaasa 15DEC12 – 29MAR13 Service resumption, 1 weekly flights. Blue1 Previously operates this route from 25FEB11 to 01MAY11
KF446 KTT0930 – 1050VAA S20 6
KF445 VAA0730 – 0850KTT S20 6

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