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June 7, 2012

Singapore Airlines Adds 4th Daily London Heathrow Service from Sep 2012: Update 2 as of 08JUN12

by JL

2nd update at 0650GMT 08JUN12

Singapore Airlines at 0600hrs GMT 08JUN12 has further updated planned Singapore – London Heathrow service. Originally the airline loaded 28 weekly flights from 09SEP12, but this has been adjusted to reflect information reported on its press release.

The Star Alliance member will now increase operation from 21 to 25 weekly starting 13SEP12 (instead of 09SEP12), and further increases to 28 weekly from 21OCT12. Revised details as per SQ inventory display:

13SEP12 – 27OCT12
SQ308 SIN0905 – 1530LHR 388 x234
SQ308 SIN0905 – 1530LHR 77W 234
SQ318 SIN1245 – 1910LHR 388 D
SQ322 SIN2330 – 0555+1LHR 388 x123
SQ306 SIN2345 – 0620+1LHR 77W x123
SQ306 SIN2345 – 0620+1LHR 388 123

SQ317 LHR1130 – 0720+1SIN 388 D
SQ319 LHR1830 – 1420+1SIN 388 x234
SQ305 LHR2000 – 1550+1SIN 77W x234
SQ305 LHR2000 – 1550+1SIN 388 234
SQ321 LHR2205 – 1755+1SIN 388 D

SQ306 on 13SEP12 operates as SQ316
SQ308 operates with A380 on daily basis until 18SEP12
SQ322/319 operates as Daily flight from 21OCT12

Note from 09SEP12 to 13SEP12, SQ308/319 operates as SQ306/305 with A380 aircraft

eff 28OCT12
Starting 28OCT12, SQ305 departure from LHR will shift from 2000hrs to 1500hrs.
SQ306 SIN0045 – 0655LHR 77W D
SQ308 SIN0900 – 1510LHR 388 D
SQ318 SIN1255 – 1905LHR 388 D
SQ322 SIN2345 – 0555+1LHR 388 D

SQ317 LHR1055 – 0735+1SIN 388 D
SQ305 LHR1515 – 1155+1SIN 77W D
SQ319 LHR1815 – 1455+1SIN 388 D
SQ321 LHR2205 – 1845+1SIN 388 D

Original Update at 2045GMT 07JUN12

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