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June 5, 2012

SkyWork Airlines W12 Operation Changes as of 05JUN12

by JL

Update at 0640GMT 05JUN12

Swiss regional carrier SkyWork Airlines has outlined planned Winter 2012/13 operation, effective 28OCT12. Highlights include:

Bern – Belgrade Winter operation increases from 2 weekly in W11 to 3 weekly in W12
SX700 BRN1130 – 1335BEG D38 267
SX701 BEG1405 – 1615BRN D38 67
SX701 BEG1405 – 1620BRN D38 2

Bern – Budapest Service increase from 2 to 3 weekly, effective 30AUG12 (will be maintained after 28OCT12)
Bern – Cologne Service increase from 11 to 12 weekly
SX212 BRN0645 – 0755CGN D38 x7
SX214 BRN1810 – 1920CGN D38 x6

SX213 CGN0825 – 0935BRN D38 x7
SX215 CGN1950 – 2100BRN D38 x6

Bern – London City Service increase from 12 to 17 weekly, 3 times a day on weekdays
SX500 BRN0705 – 0750LCY D38 x7
SX508 BRN1240 – 1325LCY D38 x67
SX502 BRN1715 – 1800LCY D38 x6

SX501 LCY0820 – 1100BRN D38 x7
SX509 LCY1355 – 1635BRN D38 x67
SX503 LCY1830 – 2110BRN D38 x6

Bern – Zagreb NEW 2 weekly service
SX706 BRN1215 – 1350ZAG D38 16
SX707 ZAG1420 – 1555BRN D38 16

Bern – Barcelona Winter operation reduces from 4 weekly in W11 to 3 weekly in W12
SX101 BRN1215 – 1400BCN D38 357
SX102 BCN1445 – 1635BRN D38 357

Bern – Rome Winter operation reduces from 5 weekly in W11 to 3 weekly in W12
SX400 BRN1130 – 1310FCO D38 135
SX401 FCO1355 – 1535BRN D38 135

Bern – Vienna Service reduction from 13 to 12 weekly
SX600 BRN0620 – 0755VIE D38 x7
SX602 BRN1805 – 1940VIE D38 x6

SX601 VIE0825 – 1005BRN D38 x7
SX603 VIE2010 – 2150BRN D38 x6

On separate note, the airline will begin trial operation for connecting flights via Bern on selected destinations.

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