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August 8, 2008

Westjet lease Dash8 for September 08

by JL

Due to runway extension work at Prince George Airport, Westjet is leasing Dash8 from HawkAir for Vancouver – Prince George route from 02SEP08 to 30SEP08.

WS1611 YVR0855 – 1020YXS DH3 x146
WS1611 YVR0855 – 1020YXS DH1 14
WS1643 YVR1435 – 1600YXS DH1 14
WS1643 YVR1435 – 1600YXS DH3 x14
WS1607 YVR1930 – 2055YXS DH1 14
WS1607 YVR1930 – 2055YXS DH3 x14

WS1614 YXS0700 – 0825YVR DH3 x25
WS1614 YXS0700 – 0825YVR DH1 25
WS1672 YXS1050 – 1215YVR DH3 x146
WS1672 YXS1050 – 1215YVR DH1 14
WS1640 YXS1630 – 1755YVR DH3 x14
WS1640 YXS1630 – 1755YVR DH1 14

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