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China Southern reverse LAX schedule

In addition to frequency reduction on the Guangzhou – Los Angeles route, China Southern has reversed the schedule back to evening flight.

The airline operated the following schedule briefly from 30MAR08.

CZ327 CAN1300 – 1050LAX 772 x14
CZ328 LAX1300 – 1900+1CAN 772 x14

It is now operating the following schedule:

CZ327 CAN2100 – 1850LAX 772
CZ328 LAX2350 – 0620+1CAN


China Eastern Kolkata route back to CRJ from Sep 08

China Eastern’s Kunming – Kolkata service currently operates 3 times a week with 737. Effective 01SEP08, it’ll increase the service to Daily but with a CRJ-200.


China Southern suspends Kitakyushu

China Southern Airlines has temporarily suspended 3 weekly Guangzhou – Shanghai Pu Dong – Kitakyushu service.

It plans to resume the flight by July.


DoT: UNITED/Aer Lingus codeshare application

UNITED and Aer Lingus today filed application to the Department of Transportation for approval of codesharing, which planned for 2008/09 Winter schedule.

UNITED plans to codeshare on the following Aer Lingus routes:
Dublin – Boston
Dublin – Washington Dulles
Dublin – New York JFK
Dublin – Newark
Dublin – Chicago
Dublin – San Francisco
Dublin – Orlando
Dublin – London Heathrow
Shannon – Boston
Shannon – Chicago
Shannon – New York JFK
London Heathrow – Belfast
London Heathrow – Cork

Aer Lingus will place its “EI” code on UNITED’s following services:
Chicago – Dallas
Chicago – Denver
Chicago – Houston
Chicago – San Diego
Chicago – Detroit
Chicago – Cincinnati
Chicago – Cleveland
Chicago – Indianapolis
Washington Dulles – Philadelphia
Washington Dulles – Houston
Washington Dulles – Miami
Washington Dulles – Pittsburgh
Los Angeles – San Francisco
Los Angeles – Phoenix
Los Angeles – Porland OR
San Francisco – Seattle
San Francisco – San Diego
San Francisco – Portland OR

Docket Number is DOT-OST-2008-0176


AEROFLOT shuttle on Moscow – St. Petersburg

AEROFLOT from 01JUN08 will launch the new branded service on the Moscow Sheremetyevo – St. Petersburg route.

The route will be known as “AEROFLOT Shuttle”. There will be fixed gates at the airport, and passengers can check-in up to 20 minutes prior to departure.

It offers 8 daily service on its own and another 10 daily service operated by Rossiya Airlines.


QANTAS 747-300 to Los Angeles

Between 16JUN08 and 01AUG08, QANTAS’ Melbourne – Auckland – Los Angeles route will be operated by Boeing 747-300 on Day 135. Day 2467 continues to be operated by A330-200.


UNITED drops Tulsa/Des Moines from LA

UNITED from 02SEP08 will cancel Los Angeles – Des Moines and Los Angeles – Tulsa CRJ-700 service.


Air Canada drops Toronto – San Diego from Sep 2008

Air Canada’s Toronto – San Diego weekend service will be cancelled from 31AUG08.


TACA landing incident in Tegucigalpa

From ABC News Website.

TEGUCIGALPA (Reuters) – A passenger plane skidded off a runway at Tegucigalpa airport in Honduras on Friday on landing, veered onto a road and smashed into cars and a building, killing at least three people.

The TACA airlines Airbus, which had 142 people on board, lay broken in three parts and spewing fuel. Two people were still trapped in cars underneath the wreckage, an aviation official said.

The plane, arriving from San Salvador, circled the airport several times before attempting to land in heavy fog, survivor Mario Castillo told Honduran television.

The flight is TA390, which also operates as codeshare flight, carrying UNITED’s flight number as UA4355.

TA390 left the gate at San Salvador at 0842, took off at 0905 and estimated time of arrival was 0932 in Tegucigalpa


China Southern 757 to Tehran via Urumqi

China Southern’s schedule for the Beijing – Urumqi – Tehran is the following.

CZ6025A PEK1410 – 1810URC1950 – 2130IKA 752 36
CZ6026A IKA2300 – 0710+1URC0900+1 – 1240+1PEK 752 36

Service operates with 757. This will replace the nonstop Beijing – Tehran route which went into service in March.


China Southern shuffles international service

China Southern Airlines is making adjustments on its international service with reduced frequencies or smaller aircraft operation.

Guangzhou – Los Angeles
Planned increase to Daily service by mid-June will not be materialized, but it’ll be reducing to 3 weekly from 13JUN08. Selected weeks it’ll operate 4 weekly

Guangzhou – Paris
Service being reduced from 3 to 2 weekly, operational day differs depends on the week.

Guangzhou – Tokyo Narita and Guangzhou – Osaka
Between 01JUN08 and 30SEP08 it’ll operate 757 instead of 777

Guangzhou – Hong Kong
CZ307/308 from 01JUN08 will be operated by ERJ145 instead of A319
CZ319/320 from 01JUN08 will be operated by A320 instead of B757

Guangzhou – Sendai
Service has been suspended

Guangzhou – Dubai
Service has been cut from 4 to 3 weekly and will not be increased to Daily as it originally planned. However, eff 30JUN08 service will be operated by A330-200 instead of 777

Guangzhou – Singapore
2nd Daily flight ends 31MAY08

Guangzhou – Hanoi and Guangzhou – Ho Chi Minh
Planned additional frequencies has been removed. Each route operates Daily

Guangzhou – Kathmandu
Service operates 2 weekly, planned 3rd weekly has been shelved

Guangzhou – Jakarta
Service has been operating at 4 weekly instead of planned Daily

Guangzhou – Penang
Service will be reduced from Daily to 4 weekly (Day 2457) from 10JUN08

Guangzhou – Yangon
Service currently operates 1 weekly with A319

Guangzhou – Siem Reap
Service to be suspended from 08JUN08, currently operating 2 weekly A319

Guangzhou – Delhi
Planned increase to Daily flight from 3 weekly has been removed and is being reduced to 2 weekly (Day 26) instead from 03JUN08

Guangzhou – Sydney
Until 18JUL08, service is currently operating 3 or 4 weekly, pending on the operational week. Service will be further reduced to 2 weekly from 19JUL08

Guangzhou – Melbourne
Service maintained at 2 weekly, A330 replacing 777 from 01JUN08

Guangzhou – Seoul
The 2nd daily service has already been removed (CZ339/340)

Guangzhou – Fukuoka
Service has been operating at 3 weekly instead of 5

Beijing – Dubai – Lagos
Service will be reduced from 3 to 2 weekly from 08JUN08, eliminating Monday flight

Urumqi – Sharjah – Jeddah
Planned 2nd weekly from 22MAY08 has been shelved

Urumqi – Dushanbe
Planned 2nd weekly from 02JUN08 will not be materalized

Harbin – Cheongju
1 weekly service either suspended or never operated

Beijing – Hong Kong
2nd daily flight eliminated.

Flight currently operates Daily (CZ309/310) with A320, and will switch back to B757 from 01OCT08

Sanya – Hong Kong
Service continues with Boeing 737-300, instead of MD82

Meixian – Hong Kong
The airline has actually kept this route with 2 weekly ERJ145

Urumqi – Novosibirsk
Service returns to 3 weekly instead of 2 from 02JUL08. Note this was planned from earlier in the year

Shenyang – Cheongju
The 2nd weekly flight will now be launched from 21JUN08 to 13SEP08

Shenyang – Jeju
Service returns with 2 weekly MD90 flight from 11JUN08

Shenyang – Irkutsk
A319 service replaced by A321 from 20JUN08. Operational Day will switch from 5 to 6 from 01JUL08

Shenzhen – Shanghai Pu Dong – Nagoya
Service operates with A319 instead of A320. The flight time is now operating at evening hours out of Shanghai


ASIANA postpone JFK flight increase by 1 month

ASIANA is now planning to increase Seoul Incheon – New York JFK service from 4 weekly to 7 from 11OCT08 instead of September.


ASIANA ups Osaka frequencies for Winter 2008

ASIANA’s Seoul Incheon – Osaka Kansai route currently showing 24 weekly service effective 11OCT08, up from 21 weekly.

OZ112 ICN1000 – 1140KIX 333 D
OZ118 ICN1200 – 1340KIX 777 356
OZ114 ICN1420 – 1600KIX 333 D
OZ116 ICN1910 – 2050KIX 767 D

OZ115 KIX0930 – 1125ICN 767 D
OZ111 KIX1250 – 1450ICN 333 D
OZ117 KIX1500 – 1655ICN 777 356
OZ113 KIX1700 – 1900ICN 333 D


UNITED drops LA – HK; Tokyo back to 744`

UNITED will be dropping Los Angeles – Hong Kong route effective 02SEP08. The service from 07JUL08 will be reduced to 4 weekly.

Meanwhile from 01SEP08, Los Angeles – Tokyo Boeing 777 service will be switched to Boeing 747.


Austrian drops Colombo, keeps Male for winter flight

Austrian is not operating service into Colombo this winter. However, service to Male in Maldives will be kept, with a weekly 767 service.

OS045 VIE2035 – 0945+1MLE 763 3
OS046 MLE1200 – 1815VIE 763 4


Austrian 777 to Delhi from January 09 for Winter

Austrian between 29DEC08 and 29MAR09 will operate Boeing 777 aircraft on the Vienna – Delhi route


EVA HK flight adjustment on Amadeus GDS

EVA Air is currently loading only 5 daily Taipei – Hong Kong route on Amadeus reservation system after 04JAN09, a cut from 7 daily.

On Amadeus, it shows BR869/870/871/872 being removed after 05JAN09 while the airline’s website still listing such flights are available.

Same situation also applied towards the Taipei – Vancouver route where Amadeus is showing Boeing 777-300ER operating this winter while the airlines’ website showing 747-400.


US Airways mainline to Calgary

Effective 18AUG08 US Airways will operate mainline A319 aircraft on the Phoenix – Calgary flight, 1 daily flight.

It currently operates 2 Daily service all by US Airways Express CRJ900. From 18AUG08 it’ll operate 1 daily 319 and 1 daily CR9.


UNITED Alaska service back to seasonal again

UNITED has converted the year-round Alaska service back to seasonal once again.

Last flight, Anchorage to Denver, operates on 20SEP08.

In February the airline said it would operate year-round service.


Emirates reduce Bangkok – HK frequency

Emirates has reduced the frequencies on the Dubai – Bangkok – Hong Kong route from 10 to 7 weekly.

EK386/387, 3 weekly 777-300ER service, has been cancelled